Shoutcast Servers 
Stream with us! We have years of combined experience in streaming media, and we know what broadcasters need and expect from a streaming media host. If you are new to shoutcast streaming/internet broadcasting, you've found a great place to get started. has years of experience in webcasting/streaming audio and video, and we can help you get your stream up and running in no time.

Take a tour of the shoutcast control panel.


All shoutcast servers give you full control over your server with our customized Shoutcast Control Panel! Our control panel provides the following key features, and more:

All the benefits of a shoutcast server (being able to stream live like a normal radio station, across the internet).
Ability to switch between live streaming, relay streaming, and streaming from the server with the click of a few buttons in our control panel.
Upload MP3 files to the server, and customize a playlist which will stream from the server- mp3's are transcoded on the fly, with a built in 6 second crossfade between songs so it sounds like a DJ is running the gig (when you're not streaming live).
Full graphs showing disk space usage, bandwidth usage, total listeners per hour, total current listeners, total time listening, and more...
Full shoutcast server access to the backend to kick, ban or bump listeners.
Easy copy/paste code so you can show what you are currently playing on your shoutcast server, on any website (requires adding code to your web page and a small amount of HTML knowledge).
Start/Stop/Reload/Restart server, skip to next song in the playlist, de-activate server source (to go live on the fly) all controlled through the control panel.
No MP3 bitrate restrictions. No listener limit restrictions. You can stream at any bitrate to any number of people, your server is only limited by bandwidth (outgoing bandwidth only, incoming not monitored) which can be upgraded easily at any time. Disk space is also easily upgradable.

*Add/Upgrade any time; disk space $1/GB, bandwidth $0.15/GB
Disk Space 250MB
Bandwidth 25GB
Live Streaming Yes
Relay Streaming Yes
autoDJ Addon Available
FTP Access Yes

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