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Article #215  Date Entered: 11-08-2017
We are planning to update to mysql 5.6 in the next few days. We've been putting it off for a while as it no longer supports old style mysql 4 style passwords, which most customers still use.

MySQL 5.6 offers many performance and security improvements we must update to take advantage of. For many users, the result of the update will be an error on the page regarding an incorrect database user password. This can be easily corrected. If you remember your database password or can copy it from your software configuration, simply login to cpanel, manage database users, and change the password for your database user to the same password it was before. This will update it to the new style password hash and your script will continue working.

If you are not sure what your password is or was or where to find it in your script configuration, you can create a support ticket for it and we will attempt to locate and update your password for you.

Thank you for your co-operation as we get ready to bring the latest version of MySQL live on our servers to get the best database performance.

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