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Article #89  Date Entered: 01-24-2008
We have added WebDisk Backup to our line of available services. WebDisk is an efficient way of mapping a networked drive to your local computer. This allows you to easily backup data on your computer, to a remote network drive- keeping your data secured and safe in the event of an emergency.

WebDisk is ideal for several uses. It can be used by all types of home users for backing up documents, photos, music/videos, and anything else from your computer that you really don't want to loose. WebDisk can also be essential for a business that needs to regularly back up data like invoices, billing and accounting info, documentation and other important information. In a business environment WebDisk can also be implemented as a businesses "network share" where users can access the data from the office or in the field.

The benefits of WebDisk out-weigh the risk of loosing data- any day ;) We take extra pre-cautions by providing SSL connections to the server and making backups of your backups.

Please contact us if you have questions!

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