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Article #74  Date Entered: 07-02-2007
Well, the last two weeks were spent doing a lot of work on a brand spankin new jamroom hosting network ;)

All jamroom hosting servers are now powered by 4-8 2+GHz XEON processors and 4-16GB of ram (scaled by actual usage to prevent power waste) ;) These servers seriously rock. We also built a new VLAN network to keep jamroom cluster servers 0 bandwidth between master and cluster, on a new 1000MB/s VLAN.

The new datacenter is also part of the green grid:

There are going to be some other small changes to our packages (again!) which will make everything even more worth while

Over the next 2 months or so, we expect to see a lot of smaller jamroom sites explode with the new power and new disk space/bandwidth allotments coming out. As well as being more competitive with the "cheap" hosting providers that a lot of Jamroom sites suffer with due to cost constraints.

And as always, a portion of all jamroom hosting payments goes straight back to to keep Jamroom developing and alive!

Enjoy, and thanks for choosing!

*resellers and business hosting customers, keep your eyes open for new hosting upgrades, coming soon at no additional charge!

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