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Article #22  Date Entered: 05-23-2006 stays ahead of the curve as the #1 Jamroom Software host with the new Jamroom Cluster Server Hosting!

We've custom built several new servers and a fiber optic LAN network for "internal" artist moves (from master to cluster, cluster to master) which provides 0 bandwidth usage and lightning fast artist moves and encoding between servers.

The new network for Jamroom Cluster software promises to provide a lower cost solution for large Jamroom sites, while also spreading the load of large sites between multiple high powered servers- which returns a nearly 0 load system for any sized jamroom site.

The Jamroom Cluster server is a software system created by to "spread" a single jamroom system across multiple servers while managing the entire cluster of artists and servers within the Jamroom Admin interface! We've been testing and working with the cluster software for over a year working up to our new Jamroom Cluster Hosting- we know this thing inside and out. provides full support for the cluster software and any issues a Jamroom admin may encounter with the software, as well as an optional free cluster server installation and setup.

Jamroom Cluster Hosting is optimized for Jamroom Hosting customers, but will work with any Jamroom system installed on any server in the world.

Please contact us for more information about Jamroom Cluster Hosting, and how to make the best financial sense with your growing Jamroom system!

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