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Article #140  Date Entered: 05-03-2009
In the last few weeks we have finally launched our services to datacenters in 3 US cities. All of our hosting packages now offer location options during order allowing a site owner to choose the location in which they would like their site to be physically hosted from- Seattle, Wa, USA - Dallas, TX, USA - Washington, DC, USA.

Our servers in each city are interconnected by private dedicated dark fiber channels, allowing the servers in each city to seamlessly and securely interconnect with our servers in other cities. This is beneficial for businesses that offer service in a particular location- where it is optimal for the server to be located in or nearest that location.

Our new server geo-location options also bring another added unique quality to our Jamroom line of hosting products. Utilizing servers in multiple locations can enhance the coverage of your jamroom site. For example, you could host your master server (Jamroom Hosting) in Dallas, TX to provide a broad coverage across the North and South American continent, while having cluster servers in Seattle, WA to and Washington, DC simultaneously to provide faster connections to the Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australian territories. The whole system is perfectly connected over high speed dark fiber.

You can also see which city your site is currently hosted in, please view this knowledge base link to learn how;

When ordering a new hosting package, to choose which city you would like your server in- simply click on the "order now" button next to the hosting package you want to purchase, on the next page find "Server Location Preference", choose the city you want your site to be hosted in from the form on the right.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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