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Q. Can I install the cluster on a Jamroom hosting account? Or do I need to get jamroom cluster hosting?

A. You will need to get a jamroom cluster hosting package. The cluster software will not easily install on the master, but will install with just a few clicks on a jamroom cluster hosting server- and also give you more space for artists media, a fully high performance ffmpeg encoder, and fully functional musicDNS system.

The ffmpeg encoder is a server intensive binary that would be a bad idea to run on the master server. Doing that is detrimental to the point of the encoder being in the cluster package and having specially built servers to handle the ffmpeg encoder.

We highly recommend NOT installing the cluster at all if the only option is to install it on the master (jamroom hosting) server as opposed to the cluster (jamroom cluster hosting) server.

We cannot guarantee that the Cluster software will work on a jamroom hosting server, that is not what the cluster software nor jamroom hosting server was intended for. We fully guarantee, 100%, that the cluster software will work correctly, quickly, and flawlessly on a Jamroom cluster server which was designed from the ground up for ffmpeg, musicdns, and all other cluster software options which require a great deal of power.
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