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Q. How do I ban an IP address from my station?

A. First, login to the shoutcast control panel.

Click the "server administration" link, this will bring you to your shoutcast server administration pages.

Click the "admin login" link in the upper right corner. Login with the user name "admin" and your shoutcast control panel or encoder password (if you have changed it since server setup).

If the user is currently listening that you want to ban, click the "listeners" link, then click the IP address under the "ban IP" column. The user will immediately be ejected and not allowed to connect again.

If the user is not currently listening, click the "ban list" link, and manually enter the IP address you want to ban. The user will no longer be able to connect.

Bear in mind, when banning IP addresses, that the IP address will not be allowed to connect until you unban it, and it is possible to unwittingly ban legitimate users if you ban an IP address that is dynamically routed to your listener by their ISP.
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