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Q. What can I do to control bandwidth usage?

A. There are a few ways to control bandwidth usage.

The first thing is, choose a bitrate that is affordable. The lower the bitrate- the lower the quality of stream, but also the less bandwidth you will use per listener. For example, you can fit 40 listeners at 8kbps in the space that 1 listener at 320kbps occupies, thus, you can stream 40 times the number of listeners at 8kbps that you can at 320kbps using the same bandwidth.

Lower bitrate streams are of lower quality- but likely to work for more users on the internet. Higher bitrate streams are of better quality (CD quality in many cases), but are available to less users on the internet. We suggest 128kbps stereo 44,100khz for a high quality stream, or 40kbps mono 22,050 for low quality.

The second way to control bandwidth usage, is to set a listener timeout in the control panel (configure server -> advanced -> "Always disconnect listeners after"). Set the timer to something reasonable.

When people listen to radio in the real world, nobody cares if there batteries go dead from leaving the radio on even though nobody was around to hear it. On the internet when someone walks away from there computer and leaves the radio on, it creates a cost for someone else somewhere- namely the server owner.

A good timeout for an AutoDJ based stream would be around 30-60 minutes. For stations broadcasting live, we suggest setting this to twice the length of your longest live show.
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