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Q. Is it possible for 2 live dj's to do a broadcast from different locations together?

A. Sure, the "remote" DJ can set up there own shoutcast server on there laptop, and allow 1 listener.

The DJ in the studio "tunes in" the stream in winamp (or software of choice), and provides there input and controls the run of the show. The DJ in the studio will need to have the encoder installed to send the signal to your station.

You can really use any tools you can find for the "behind the scenes" stuff. Perhaps it would be easier to use skype or something for 2 way communication. The DJ in the studio then can send the final signal from there soundcard out to the world.

Anything you can imagine or make work is possible behind the scenes (anything any terrestrial station can do, you can do).

Your shoutcast server should be considered the final antenna for the station.
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