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Q. I'm broadcasting live at a decent bit rate (256k) there was a lot of buffering going on which is a little annoying. Is this down to the servers do you think?

A. You must be connected to a decent internet connection, and broadcasting at a bitrate that you can stream without issue through your internet connection (for example, if your upstream speed through your ISP is 128k, you will never be able to stream a 320k stream don't have a fast enough connection. 96k would be the highest bitrate recommended for streaming live, but something smaller like 64k would be more reliable).

Sometimes people mistake there internet connection speed as well, for example, our local ISP advertises a 6MB/ps connection...well, thats download speed, but uploading is limited to 700k...That may be what they advertise, but it is still not fast enough for us to stream a 320k stream, the fastest we can stream live is 128k which likely means that our ISP is over-advertising the upload speed that they can honestly support.

You will want to talk to your ISP about your upload speed, and do some testing to see what bitrate you can actually reliably stream. Remember, other computers in the same household will also affect this streaming speed if they are connecting to the internet!
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