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Q. How long have you been streaming audio?

A. We got started like many broadcasters, trying out the revolutionary internet streaming. We streamed our first broadcast in the summer of 1997 and continued to broadcast using Live365, shoutcast, and icecast over the years. At one point we had over 20 radio stations. Talk about a hole in the pocket :)

We have been reviewed by The Seattle Times, Times P.I., Stanwood/Camano News, R.A.I.N., and the Everett Herold..."creating the revolution on the fly, and leading the way for broadcasters in such a diverse and ever changing internet."

We discontinued broadcasting in 2003, but continued to offer servers to our friends and existing clients, providing support and help for new broadcasters to understand copyright, radio terminology, "what does this do?", and many other things associated with broadcasting on the internet.

Since August 2004 we proudly offer shoutcast streaming servers to the public offering the same service, dedication, support, and quality that broadcasters have come to expect from us.
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