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Q. I will be late on my payment, what can I do to keep my site running?

A. In the past we made acceptions for late payments and would keep the site running for users beyond the site suspension date. The result was abuse of this priviledge and repeat asking which results in higher cost of doing business, more man hours to make the exception for late payments, and often- no payment at all. Considering that in total we provide a window for payment greater then half a month, there is really no reason to be late on a payment.

Due to this problem, we have to say- there is nothing that can be done accept to pay the bill. We offer a month to month service with no contracts and expect users to follow the terms of service agreed to at signup. Invoices are rolled out 7 days prior to the anniversary renewal date, sites are suspended 7 days after the anniversary date if payment has not been received- this is a window of 15 days to provide payment in full for services. Non payment on accounts is handled per our "Non Payment" clause in the terms of service agreement.
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