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Shoutcast Servers Shoutcast Servers
1. I have jamroom integrated shoutcast, can we ftp tracks in to shoutcast without using jamroom? (viewed 2377 times)
2. I'm using jamroom integrated shoutcast, when I use shoutcast FTP, I cannot access the media folder. Why? (viewed 2535 times)
3. I can't connect to shoutcast server for live streams from Winamp, do I have to change anything on the Shoutcast control panel? (viewed 12517 times)
4. I have port 7006 on control panel so I have to open port 7006 and 7007 in my home firewall? (viewed 1895 times)
5. How do I know if I have the newest/latest version of the shoutcast control panel installed? Is it automatic or do I have to update it myself? (viewed 2221 times)
6. Can you have more than one station per se running from the same site at the same time, like choices i.e.- blues station, funk station, rock station etc.? Or if you had 2 live events that happened to be running at the same time or is it just one stream per site? (viewed 2274 times)
7. I want to broadcast live via a mac , will winamp work? (viewed 2452 times)
8. I'm broadcasting live at a decent bit rate (256k) there was a lot of buffering going on which is a little annoying. Is this down to the servers do you think? (viewed 2269 times)
9. Can you possibly add a "randomizer" for the playlist down the line? (viewed 1936 times)
10. Suddenly I get "Current song not available" in the control panel, what happened? (viewed 2654 times)
11. Is it possible for 2 live dj's to do a broadcast from different locations together? (viewed 1908 times)
12. How can I access song play and listener per song data? (viewed 2337 times)
13. My media library shows the same genre more then once, and some songs don't show up, what do I do? (viewed 2002 times)
14. I just got jamroom integrated shoutcast hosting, what do I do now? (viewed 1718 times)
15. I'm trying to stream live but get this error from my encoder; entered all info into encoders and still says disconnect error (10061) (viewed 1818 times)
16. What can I do to control bandwidth usage? (viewed 1861 times)
17. I am streaming MP3pro, but my song titles are not showing up in winamp correctly. Why? (viewed 2282 times)
18. How can my DJ's enable and disable autoDJ without logging in to the control panel? (viewed 1729 times)
19. How do I get the images for my jamroom songs to show? (viewed 1780 times)
20. How do I ban an IP address from my station? (viewed 3279 times)
21. Why won't my shoutcast stream show up on (viewed 3744 times)

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