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Q. How do I give a user access to edit an area of my website? (add/edit FTP account users)

A. Lets say you have a friend "adam" who you want to be able to work on a folder in your website called "adams_folder". What you would do is log in to Cpanel and click on "FTP manager". Click "FTP accounts". On that page toward the bottom/middle there is a link "Add FTP account". Click that to begin creating an FTP account. login: adam pass: ****** (put whatever you want for a password Directory: /home/username/public_html/adams_folder The directory is important, as this is the working directory that the user will be given access to. In this case, I have specified the directory as "adams_folder" as that is where this is allowed access to within the site. Once you have filled in that information, click "create". Now, that user can log in with there favorite FTP software. username: password: ****** (the password created) Server name: Notice how is used for making the connection as this is the primary domain that holds all information for your server. Please contact us via support ticket if you require additional assistance!
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