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 Package Addons

Shoutcast Additional Bandwidth

Add 100GB of bandwidth to your shoutcast server. This is in addition to the bandwidth allocated with your shoutcast services. Change the quantity, at checkout, to more then 1 for more then 100GB of bandwidth.

Shoutcast Disk Space

Shoutcast Disk Space Upgrade. Price is per GB (1000MB). Change the quantity at checkout for more then 1 GB of disk space. This disk space upgrade is in addition to the disk space allocated to your shoutcast hosting package.

Shoutcast autoDJ

AutoDJ is the perfect solution for those that don't can't stream live 24/7. AutoDJ allows you to stream media that you upload to the server, fully automated. With autoDJ enabled you gain access to the media library control panel, playlist editor and scheduler giving you a full featured broadcast control panel located on the cloud. Take over the stream at any time by stopping the autoDJ and firing up your live stream with 0 downtime.