Hosting Starter Pack is an option we created to help anyone no matter how new or experienced get a website up and running on a great server for a low cost- and fast! One simple price, one simple package, all the features, running within minutes. Choose a software to install at creation like WordPress, phpBB, NextCloud, Joomla, Open Real Estate, and many more (if you don't see your software on the list just ask, we can add it). You can also choose no software at all and create something yourself or use the SiteJet Builder and online HTML editor included free with tons of free templates to choose from.

To get started:

We really hope this helps to get things started simply in the right direction. Hosting Starter Pack can always be upgraded to a Professional Hosting package at any time- pro rata.

For those who already have an existing website, we can move it for you from any server on the internet or at your home/office to our servers. Just create a support ticket and let us know!

Friday, March 1, 2024

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