Welcome to the new JBServers.net! Its still us, we didn't sell to tucows like everyone else and don't intend to go anywhere any time soon. We have a whole new billing system all new website all new code from the ground up. Please login and check things out. If you have any issues with anything please let us know right away and we will get it fixed quickly. Please note that login will now use your email address not a username. Also, please use the forgot password option to create a new password in the new software as we did not copy passwords from the old system.

For to long we've struggled with our old billing system. It basically became abandonware. Its probably pretty clear from the apparent dysfunction here that there was an issue. No more! We have happily migrated to WHMCS and there is no looking back. Onward and upward! We hope you enjoy the new setup as much as we do, and look forward to hearing from you for any reason at any time. Hello 2024!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

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